For Hobbyists, Makers and Professionals, from DIY Domotic to Industrial or Agricultural Production, from "Smart Houses" to "Smart Cities", take control of everything
Manage your home-made automations and Micro-Controllers, control and optimize your Industrial or Agricultural Production based on real-time data, costumize your dashboards

Rich Visual Interface

Real-time costumizable graphic interface for your data


Access it with full functionality from any browser, anywhere, from any device

No coding

Auto-coding. Write code, costumize it, improve or enhance it only if you want


Manage as many devices with as many components you need


Data collect and analysis to help the decision making process

Code your Things with ease, manage your Sketches or simply use it as a Cloud Hub for your data. We connect it and give you control
Manage your Boards & Sketches

Develop anywhere from any device

Web interface, responsive, multi-device and multi-platform. Code and upload sketchs remotely

Sketch Editor

Complete & Costumizable IDE with IntelliSense (intelligent code sugestion and completion)

Repositories Integration

Keep your sketches safe and organized in our database or use GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket to do it seamlessly


Simply select the devices and components on the lists, get the sketch with One Click and costumize it at will. Arduino / ESP compatible (more to come...).

Upload history

Know exactly what sketch you have (or had) in any device at any given time


Set notifications on sensor values and you will be informed if the conditions are verified. Apply actions on verification if wanted

Schedule actions

Schedule unique or frequent actions based on sensor data

Social Sharing

Share your interfaces or code repository links by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Pocket, Viber or VK

Graphic Interface

Get instant & real-time graphic interface for interaction and debug side to side with the usual Console

USB / Serial Agent

Local application required only for sketch upload and USB/Serial connection to your Raspberry Pi compatible device or Windows / Linux computer

Multiple Agents & Ports per Agent

Multiple and simultaneous ports and connected boards with confortable Auto-Detection

Easy Libraries Management

Synch your libraries between all of your Agents and manage them in one single place

Or just make your own Netwok of Things using our MQTT Hub
Make a sketch with selects in the editor, save it and there's no need to upload! Simply create an Interface and use the assigned Publish & Subscribe Topics in your own sketch
Tested with
Raspberry Pi
Orange Pi
Windows 7
Windows 10

Best performance with
Google Chrome

File repository integration

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Secured by
Google Chrome
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